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5 Cheap Destinations for the Coming Holidays
If you do not have enough funds to splurge and though you want to enjoy a cool vacation in the coming summer, then here are few places in the world which probably can meet your budget and simultaneously can give you an enchanting traveling experience.

First of all, Egypt could be a nice choice to consider for your budget vacation. There are plenty of resorts, which accept all-inclusive charges and those are quite reasonable. Particularly, Sharm El Sheikh is pretty much affordable having competitive rates at the resorts and hotels for families or couples. The Red Sea coastline of this place is perfect for snorkeling and diving.
Vietnam could be another attractive choice for your summer holidays. Whether you choose to go for the trekking trip to the wild Quang Binh in northern part of the country or you choose to take an overland tour from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, you are going to make profit in both ways. As you need to spend the nights in home-stays or campsites, the cost reduces to a minimum. At the same time, you get to enjoy the authentic taste of the local people and their culture. There are several hotels in Hanoi where you can expect competitive rates.
Although Europe could be expensive for your choice, but there are certain places, which are still unexplored by the international tourists and so quite reasonable. Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, could be the right choice, if you want to enjoy a historical tour. Here you can enjoy the taste of the same old and antique Europe with its medieval castles and Gothic church buildings. The city is located at the confluence point of rivers - Vilnia and Neris.
A cheap vacation in UK is also possible, if you consider staying in rented cottages in your destined locations. Thousands of such properties are available for renting all over the Great Britain. To avail this opportunity, you should contact the cottage operators and find out the best deal.

If you are searching for an economic beach destination, then the south-western coastal line of India could be a perfect option. One of the famous beach destinations in this area is Goa, which has accommodation facilities for all. In addition to sophisticated, high-flying hotels and resorts, there are good budget hotels. Other than the exotic sea beach, you can enjoy savory seafood, local attractions and various activities.
Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone
Every year with the advancement of society the number of solo women travelers is increasing. The reason can be anything; business or personal, women are not shy away from traveling alone. But the risk factor in case of women is always huge compared to their counterparts. But by adapting some effective solutions they can make their trips safe and secure.The most important is to check your passport whether it is still valid. While visiting any other country, make sure that all the travel documents including Vietnam visa and other details are well intact. You should not face any legal hassles while traveling abroad as the foreign rules are quite strict on this. With that make sure you have proper health insurance policies for the medical urgencies. Your insurance should cover the overseas tours.

There are certain important things that you should leave to your family or friends to ensure further safety like your phone no, address, hotel no, photocopies of passport ID and your ticket and flight information. Also, leave your jewelry even custom jewelry, extra credit cards at home to avoid threats to security. If you are on medication then carry the extra pills since you may not find these everywhere. Most importantly always bring your prescription as many countries pose strict laws on drug trafficking and may skeptical of your pills.

Ask the direction of the place you want to reach to the hotel stuff. And always keep the hotel number with you in case you are lost. You must carry a map of the city or town you are staying. Try to make some genuine local friends who can be handy when you need them. But be very careful while making friends as there are lots of people looking for foreigners for their unethical purposes.

Always stay alert and use common sense. Be confident about your moves. Don't be confused or puzzled while on roads that will make you rather vulnerable. If you think someone is following you then enter into some store or safe place. In that case, you can ask for the hotel assistance.Choose a hotel with good security arrangements and transport facilities. Check the doors and windows whether they have working locks or not. If you are suspicious then ask the hotel officials to arrange better safety for you.Enjoy your safe and secure trip.
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